As-salaam Alaikum ladies!

Okay so pretty much I've been doing the same routine of exercise trying to perfect them:
  1. Total Body Kettlebells
  2. Workout Trainer: Lose it (I've completed the 4 week program Lose it), Pilates and Yoga
  3. Walking 5 or more miles
  4. Playing with "Da Boy" at the park (making sure that we run, jump, hop and skip.. making it count, keeping my heart rate monitor in zone 2 for as long as possible)
The four exercises above (and more) is what I've been doing almost daily up until now. I wasn't really on a schedule so my routine was all over the place. Now I have made a schedule (Yaaay!)... Insha'Allah it will give me some kind of order :/

New workout schedule

Weigh-in tomorrow (Monday). How much do you think I've lost? LOL
Oh yea, I have declared Fridays as my eat whatever I want day however, I never really want anything. I've gotten so accustom to my new way of eating that even when I have a free day, I eat something like an extra sweet potato or a banana etc..

This Saturday was a free day for me, so I tried hard to let loose by making pancakes with 2 teaspoons of butter, homemade black & raspberry syrup (it had 2 tablespoons of Raw honey mixed in) (smh). I only ate a serving and was full, I was trying so hard to let loose that I added 2 teaspoons of butter LOL, that didn't help me to break away from my new eating habits either. I tell you, it's hard for me to let go, I'm so cautious of what I put in my body now and I have no desire whatsoever for the junk foods anymore Al-hamdulillah.

Last night Saturday evening, I went to  my family's house to have dinner and of course they made stuffed zucchini (vegetarian style "white rice"). I haven't had rice since the date challenge (February 9th 2015) so it was interesting to see how my body would react to it so I tried to measure out what a cup and a half would be and ate it. I became full very fast and had to force myself to eat he rest; later that evening we had cake and one of my old FAVORITES too (what do you think I did?)
Well because I didn't have any desire to eat it at all (Yaaay), I fed 3/4 of it to my son and ate the rest. It tasted nice but I just don't care to have junk food. Last night has proven to me that this new life style is something I really mean and want FOR NOW Al-hamdulillah :-)

Insha'Allah you all are doing good on your weightloss journey and I can't wait to read all about it!