As-salaam Alaikum ladies,

Here is what I ate today:

3:30 am – Three dates and a cup of water (was a little hungry, I think it’s because I’m still breastfeeding. Felt better after eating the dates)

6:30 am – Four dates and a cup of tea with mint (I’m feeling good Alhamdulillah, thought I would be going crazy about now hehehe).

10:45 am – Three dates and a cup of water (I wasn’t hungry just felt like eating something)

2:30 pm – Four dates, one string cheese was my milk substitute and a cup of water (was busy so I had a late lunch)

3:30 pm - One and a half (my son’s leftover) string cheese and a cup of water (I was hungry..  The dates helped a lot)

6:00 pm – Two dates, ½ cup of yogurt with two teaspoons of honey and a cup of mint tea

7:00 pm – Two dates and a few sips of water

                                  Dinner Pic