As-salaam Alaikum Lovely Muslim Women,

Here's a little update:

Last night update
Nothing much to report tonight (hummm) oh yea ‘the girl’ wanted to quit until she thought about how she had lost more weight (Alhamdulillah) than ‘the guy and I lol and the guy stayed with his parents so I know he’s up to something like working out or major cheating :/

Early this morning
I myself am feeling very energetic this morning alhamdulillah. I’m ready to go walking uphill mashallah. Guess what I did just for the sake of knowing? I stepped on the scale this morning (hahaha!) and to my surprise BANG! I lost 5 pounds (oh ya it’s my birthday!) lol.

Question “do you think that this serge of energy I’m feeling this morning came from the weight loss?  Possibly however, I KNOW THAT IT”S COMING FROM THE COMPETETIVENESS IN ME! Asmaa lost five pound yesterday, I mean just yesterday guys. Allah (swt) only knows how much she’s going to lose today (with my face frowned, steam coming out of my eyes, ears while making two fist) Oh dear, I feel the brown-fur monster awaking LOL).