As-salaam Alaikum,

Okay people today is a new day with a new strategy to beat “the guy” and win the money :D

I woke up feeling hungrier than ever for the prize money so I went out this morning and walked my favorite rout. It felt great and I wasn't tired at all (knowing good and well that I had to work early). I ate my dates and drank water and made a few phone calls as I walked. I will insert a pic of the distance I walked, it was the same not much of a difference.

Spoke with “the girl” to see if there was anything we could do to win since “the guy” lost twice as much weight. We came up with nothing we could actually do like (in my wicked witch of the east coast voice “hehehehehe”) “by a box of pizza and take out half and freeze it leaving the other half in the box on the counter, go to sleep early so that when he comes home late at night and see the pizza box on the counter think that we gave in and eat some good ole pizza it’s his weakness (hahhaha), naaaa wouldn’t want to discourage him L  I told you guys that the brown furred monster be trying to come out LOL. WHAT TO DO?!

Okay something positive happened since the date diet challenge.

I went shopping and was afraid to go down my favorite aisle, the chips aisle, do you have an aisle that you fall victim too? The chip aisle is my weakness (smh) but my experience was this time was different to my surprise. I was grossed out by the thought of putting that greasy mess into my body. When I walked down the ice cream aisle I felt the same way, grossed out. I hope this is the beginning of a new me. I hope that my mind continues to see all the stuff (junk-food) that I loved so bad as gross and disgusting, gonna have to keep you updated on that.

Guys I've been all over the place with this post LOL… will keep you updated ;)