As-salaam Alaikum ladies!

Sunday was day seven guys and I’m so happy that this is the last day of this challenge. These people here don’t make it easy for a sister, one wanting to quit everyday and the other modifying the date diet, I don’t know what to do.  Okay so do you think that “the guy” should win if he lost more weight than us while eating less dates then what he said we were supposed to?  Now remember this date diet was his idea, he told use the rules saying that we are supposed to eat “seven dates for breakfast, seven for lunch, seven for dinner and  a cup of milk with them”. Now you can drink water, tea or coffee as long as we don’t added sweeteners. “The Guy” one day on day one ate pumpkinseeds and had tea with sugar over his parent’s house saying ‘well all that matters is who loses the most weight at the end of day seven” I’m like ‘no it’s called the date challenge which means that all you can eat is date’. He agreed and continued with the challenge. Than he started eating less dates on day two like 12 dates (the entire day), we didn’t find out until day three when we did the weigh-ins. That’s how he lost so much weight compared to us, I mean men loss weight faster than women anyway but twice the amount, not at all. So I called him out on his cheating ways (LOL) and he said ‘I don’t see anything wrong with eating less dates’ I’m like ‘sir you said that we were supposed to eat seven, seven, seven and that we can spread them throughout the day but the total amount of dates in the day is twenty-one’, if we knew that we could eat less maybe one of us would have tried it (no we 
wouldn't have because that would be dangerous and unhealthy but we should have had an option). He said ‘well you had yogurt with honey’ LOL I’m like ‘yogurt was a substitute for milk’, he said ‘the honey’, okay I’ll give him that (he’s being petty), what else was I supposed to do eat it with sugar.

Ladies, on day five he called me by my name which isn't normal and told me that he wasn't feeling well, because it scared me a little, I told him to eat a piece of bread, he ate half; little did I know he wasn't eating the twenty-one dates that he was supposed to guys! I didn't know that until after he ate the bread and I asked him how many dates he had. He said about 12 (the entire day) that he was tired of dates and that he couldn't eat another bite that night. Is it our fault guys that he’s tired of dates? So are we, we are tired of dates too but we managed to eat them for the challenge. Now he’s saying that he will split the money with “the girl”. What should I do guys? Is it fair? The girl had to eat half a slice of bread one day because she was so weak I didn't hold it accountable on her since it was day seven and I allowed “the guy” to do it when he felt sick it’s only fair to allow her to do it too. I’m the only one that didn't have anything other than that darn honey. Remember that "the girl on day two had an event to attend which she ate three very small pieces of chocolate. she was going to make it up but I told her not to since her dad had ate pumpkin-seeds and drank tea with sugar.

We are allowing you guys to pick the winner of the "DATE DIET CHALLENGE" 

Tell us who won the challenge or if we should add a twist since we all ate something else, should we give the money to the one who manages to maintain the weight loss one week later? Do decide. Thanks in advance for choosing me LOL :p

Love you guys a bunch!

Look forward to our weigh-ins later today ;)