As-salaam Alaikum,

Okay so I was a little busy and wasn’t able to update you on day four, sorry about that ;)
So this what happened. “The Girl” of course loves to nag about how she’s going to quit however never seems to want to when I tell her to go ahead (She all excited because she lost more weight than I did LOL). And “The Guy” has been doing very well, he hasn’t complained although he said he’s craving all kinds of food (Lama beans, lentil soup etc.)

I myself woke up feel GREAT! I had so much energy I couldn’t believe it, however when I turned around to look at the others, they were all out of it (hahahaha), so I asked them ‘what’s going on’ and found out that “The Guy” was feeling weak because he wasn’t necessarily eating the entire 21 dates a day.  I’m like ‘what are you doing? If you don’t eat the dates like you are supposed to your body will think that it’s starving’. He was like ‘I eat two or three dates when I feel hungry’, I’m like ‘your body needs food for fuel and it’s going to get it from somewhere’, he’s like ‘explain yourself’. We went back and forth like this for a minute until I asked him does his muscles hurt and he said ‘yes some’, I’m like ‘that’s because your body need fuel and it’s taking it from your muscle SIR! So he started eating dates to make up for what he did eat that day (smh), crazy right.

Later that evening we decided to do a weigh-in and ladies, I thought “hum the girl is the one to beat” so she step on the scale and was still eight pounds down, than the guy step on the scale and MY EYE ALMOST POOPED OUT OF MY EYE SOCKETS! HE WAS 14.5 POUNDS DOWN!!! Steam came out of my ears guys. I’m like ‘what the heck happened’ how could this be? Well ladies he hasn’t been eating at all (THIS CHEATER!). What can I say? I have been watching ‘the girl’ like crazy never thinking that this guy would pass us both (shaking my head and crying bloody tears)

I still can’t believe this as I’m typing (smh). I was going crazy that he just might win the money so ladies I did it, I told the both of them to watch the boy that I was going to the store (which I did) and snuck-out my jogging jacket and sneaker (throw them on the porch LOL) and went walking up hill (will insert pic of the distance and calories burned), I’m not about to let this guy win.  I’m plotting how to take him down (hahaha).

Oh by the way, I was 8 pounds down (yaaayyy!)

Will keep you ladies updated! ;)