As-salaam Alaikum ladies,

So today was pretty much like day four, nothing much to report. We are all looking at the other to see the endurance LOL.

I'm so proud of "the girl guys, although she keeps insisting that she will quit, she continues. She now knows how it feels to have very little to eat. Now she can feel what the Prophet (saws), his family and 
companions (r) went through when they had a shortage of food and was boycotted (May Allah's Mercy, Forgivenes and Grace be upon them all, ameen).

"The guy" is okay although he was feeling very weak during the evening so I told him to eat a slice of bread. I was afraid he would faint or something because he said that he wasn't feeling good. His son "the boy" ate most of it.

I on the other hand feel great, Alhamdulillah! just waiting to get over these days, want my prize money LOL

"The Guy" better look out, I'm coming for him.
Will keep you updated Insha'Allah.