As-salaam Alaikum,

Okay ladies so today got off to a good start. I woke up ready to start my day asking myself “what’s for breakfast today oh yea dates and or yogurt” LOL.  Although I was tired on day one of eating dates I've grown accustom to it now.  I learned that I like yogurt without anything in it (pain). I weighed myself today since I felt lighter and found that I only lost 1 pound L  I guess that’s to be expected since I haven’t exercise  during this challenge however I've become regulated; I use the bathroom more often than before :D  I plan on doing some kind of movement later this evening or tomorrow morning Insha’Allah.

Update on ‘the girl’

She doing good guys, better than I thought she would. She is use to eating dates and haven’t complained at all today (yaay). She said her pants are fitting loser (booooooah) LOL. I made a promise to make her something very yummy this coming Monday Insha’Allah. Oh I don’t think I told you she has a little cough and was trying to give up yesterday again (HAHAHAHA) talking about she doesn't feel 100%. I told her she can give up if she wants but  after eating a few dates and her father teasing her saying that “this isn't for the weaklings”,  she continued the day.

Update on ‘the guy’

Day three is going better for him but LADIES, he’s still at it! You wouldn't believe how he’s trying to weaken my resolve. He doesn't want to do this challenge anymore but don’t want to be the one to quit first thus he taunts and bothers us. He said this to me this morning “if you are going to eat anything let me know, don’t be eating and leaving me to do this by myself”.  Now I know what you might be thinking “legitimate request” Noooo ladies! He playing mind games, trust me I know him. We have been in other challenges and I've lost a few times because of my sweet innocent state of mind (hehehehe), I didn't think he would be so competitive to the point of manipulation and he wiped the floor with me. This is what he says next “I know this is so difficult for you, you can stop if you want, I know you have the boy” or something like that "and you must be tired so what are you cooking tonight” LOL… I’m like dates and yogurt (hahahahah) he says “okay” and start talking about other stuff then gets back into it again “what’s cooking tonight”. I wish you guys could hear his voice when he says it, I tell you this man is smart, he thinks that he’s actually going to get me to GIVE UP FIRST.  I turned around with a smirk on my face and said “you might as-well give up sir because that money is in the purse" and guys when i tell you that that concern look in his eyes turned into a smirk! I was like "Ooh my goodness! you're trying to sabotage me" he smile, give salaams and leaves for the day.

He's playing to win. I need to get some exercise in because I don't know what he's up to our what he's doing behind my back to win LOL. Will keep you informed.

forgive the typos, trying to write this while handling 'the boy'