As-salaam Alaikum ladies,

Insha'Allah everyone is doing good with their weight-loss journeys, ameen ya rab.
As for me, I've been keeping it simple. I haven't ate anything new, I'm simply rotating the same recipes since I know what works for me and guess what, my family haven't complained Al-hamdulillah. 

I'm still doing the same exercises:
  • Kettlebells (about 35 min)
  • Pilates or Yoga (about 35 min)
  • Playing at the park with "the boy" or walking (60 min)

Exercise Schedule
  • Monday: Playing at the park with the boy (this is my rest day).

  • Tuesday - Friday: Kettlebells, Pilates/ Yoga and either play at the park with "The Boy" or walk

  • Saturday & Sunday: Kettlebells and Pilates/ Yoga only


I eat three meals and three snacks a day.
  • Breakfast 7am: Oatmeal with fruit or sausage and egg with cheese and Green tea with mint
  • Snack 9:30ish: Fruit or two small sweet potatoes
  • Lunch: Fava beans, eggs & vegetables or Caesar salad with grilled chicken and green tea with mint etc... (many options)
  • Snack: Berry fruit bowl or 2 small sweet potatoes
  • Dinner: Something like a very hearty soup, baked/ grilled or fried chicken/ beef or fish with lots of well seasoned vegetables. Israeli couscous has become the white rice replacement for the family; as for bread, they only eat the bread I make or Good Seed bread (Organic, good ingredients, sold at costco, walmart etc..)
  • Snack: Any kind of fruit or my favorite for now SWEET POTATOES! I baked them in the toaster oven and eat them plain. They are so very sweet :)