As-salaam Alaikum,

Welcome to the website!  I hope that everyone is feeling excited about the 7 day clean eating challenge starting tomorrow, Monday March 2, 2015 through March 8, 2015 (Yaaay).

I'm so excited ladies and can't wait to see everyone's great results.
Below are a few things one should not forget while doing this challenge.

1.     Monday early Morning before eating anything, weigh yourself and take a pic of the scale while standing on it. Saturday we will show our pictures to the group who participated in the challenge so that we can encourage each other.

2.     Make sure to do some form of exercise 3 - 4 days a week.

3.     Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (do not starve yourself to lose weight, remember that we are learning a new and healthy way of eating) 

4.     DO NOT OVER EAT (make sure that you eat the calories your body needs. Your body needs food for fuel, it will take what it needs from your muscles if it has to, so EAT plenty of healthy foods)

5.     Try to have your last meal of the day as early as possible (don't eat one - two hours before bedtime).

6.     If you take a multivitamin, make sure you continue taking it. (try to break them in half and take one part in the morning and the other with your last meal or snack, after our body takes what it needs from the multivitamins, it releases the rest through our urine; taking it in half insures that our body is getting what it needs if it needs it day and night kinda like a slow release vitamin but not really ;)

7.     THIS IS A GOOD ONE! Remember that if you give in to your temptation and eat something you weren't supposed to, don't get discouraged, simply get back on track with the NEXT MEAL not the next day but as soon as possible.

Insha'Allah, I will be posting up pictures of some of the meals I make and the exercises I do for encouragement. If any of you would like to have your meal ideas posted, please feel free to email me or text me. I look forward to us interacting  with each other :)

May Allah (swt) make this challenge easy for us, bless us with good health and help us to get to a healthy weight for our individual bodies, ameen.