As-salaam Alaikum sisters,

As you may know, I weigh myself every Monday so that you guys can see my progress (Watch Me Shrink!), well today is Monday yet again so I stepped on the scale and weighed-in at 183 lbs, I Lost 2 lbs (Yaaas!) Al-hamdulillah wa Masha'Allah T.A.

I worked-out 5 days last week. I would start my day with 45 minutes of kettlebells then move on to workout trainer: Lose It (workout trainer is an exercising program on android phones). Lose it gave me exercises to do four days a week for about 20 minutes each day. I also did Pilates 4 days a week using the same app. After breakfast I would take my son to the park to play making sure that we run, jump, hop, skip and played ball if and when possible (LOL). I made sure that playing with him was a WORKOUT!  We would stay at the park for about one hour and thirty minutes before returning home exhausted.
That was pretty much my workout routine last week, you can check out my new workout schedule to see what I'll be doing for the next few weeks.