I'm not going to beat-around-the-bush with unnecessary writing about my eating habits or weight loss. I'm going to tell you what I eat, drink and what exercise I do.   
Insha'Allah, I will blog daily letting you know what I did until I build a solid routine. Then, I will post two or three times a week to update all who cares to know. I also intend to do weigh-ins twice a month so you can see my progress in my weight-loss journey.

My Diet

I'm not one for dieting nor eating fat free food in order to reach my healthy weight goal. I'm for eating whatever you like healthy in moderation. To jump start my new healthy way of eating, Insha'Allah I will add 4-5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables to my diet a day, drink eight 8 oz or more of sugar free drinks daily, eat three meals a day making sure to drink a cup of water before each meal and during a meal and eat three healthy snacks a day Insha'Allah.
Before I start this (what's written above) I made a deal with the family to do the "Date Diet Challenge" February 9th - 16th, 2015.
Whoever loses the most weight in seven days wins $100.00 cash
(lol.. I'm about to be rich!)

The date diet:

Eat seven dates 3x a day. You are allowed to drink three cups of milk a day (water as you like) for seven days

Join me in my healthy lifestyle change or
sit back, relax and