As-salaam Alaikum ladies,

Today was a wonderful day for me and my family for we got to experience what it feels like for seven days to have very little to eat and to be truly grateful  for what we have.
Doing the date diet was more than a challenge, it was an experience. To have to eat dates "breakfast, lunch and dinner" for seven days wasn't easy at all, you'll have to have strong will power to get through it.  Today my family and I went to a restaurant to celebrate our accomplishment and we felt so grateful and appreciative to Allah (swt) for blessing us with the ability to be able to do so. Everyone is wondering what we are going to eat starting tomorrow since it's the beginning of a new way of eating for us. I told them that once this challenge is over we have to start caring about what we put in our bodies and start eating healthy.  I will tell you guys all about that starting tomorrow Insha'Allah.

Our final weigh-ins doing the Date Diet Challenge

"The guy" lost a total of eighteen pound (Yaaaaay!)

"The girl" lost a total of nine ponds (Yaaaaay!)

And I lost a total of nine pounds (Yaaaay!) I like that the weight we lost actually shows on us.