As-salaam Alaikum,

Okay so yesterday wasn’t easy for “the girl” and “guy”.. I know what your think “the guy” I thought he wasn’t doing it until today. Weeell he decided that he would do it yesterday because he hated being left out LOL. LADIES he was eating other stuff like pumpkinseeds and butter fried garlic
ß YES! butter fried garlic (you put it over soup). He really was trying me yesterday. Driving me nuts! I had to explain to him so many times why he couldn’t eat other things while doing the date diet which is strange because I never even heard of a date diet until he told me about it IN DETAIL!

I guess a hungry stomach makes a forgetful man (not!) LOL… even the poor “girl” was like ‘seriously’ while giving the side-eye.

Speaking of the girl LOOOL she totally started acting as if I was forcing her to only eat dates and drink milk (hahahah). She kept saying how she couldn’t continue, ‘I’m so hungry, I’m going to eat something, I can’t do this diet, I give up’, like every 10 minutes (poor unfortunate soul). After trying to convince her that the day was almost over just wait until tomorrow, just do it one day, I gave up and said ‘fine sweetheart, you don’t have to do it, it’s not like you were going to win the money anyway Hahaha (in my wicked witch of the east-coast voice).’ she said ‘fine I will continue since tomorrow is my break’.   Ooh! Did I tell you that “the guy” was trying hard to get me to postpone the date of the challenge while he was secretly doing it without us knowing LOL. He was supposed to start today but secretly started yesterday. I found out when those hungry pains kicked in and he forgot for a second saying how hungry he was. I asked him what he ate while looking away because I knew something was fishy and without him thinking he told me. I was like ‘SIR, YOU WERE SUPOSE TO START TOMORROW NOT TODAY!’ looking at me laughing he changed the conversation.  Don’t think for a minute this wasn’t strategically planned ;)

Uumm humm ladies, he beees up to no good (lol). I’m so on to him, to be continued…