As-salaam Alaikum,

Today is that day Ladies!  Okay so I woke-up excited and ready to start this “Date challenge” only to find that I’m the ONLY ONE ready. The ones responsible for the challenge wasn’t ready at all. One wanted to postpone it until next week and the other didn’t seem to want to do it at all (LOL) I told you “That money is in the pocket” LOL and giving the side-eye :D

The “girl” said she will start today however there’s an event at her college she wants to enjoy so she won’t do it Tuesday February 10, 2015. The “guy” said he will start on Tuesday. As for myself, for the sake of the blog, I will start TODAY. We decided that we will weigh ourselves the day we start and make sure to do it for 7days. And at the end of our 7 days, do our weigh-ins (YAAAAY!)
umm Abdel-Aleem
ß representing my peeps “THE LADIES”  Insha’Allah this money is in the pocket.

Insha’Allah I will post up my experiences either during day one at the end of the evening or on day two morning.
Look forward to it!!