As-salaam Alaikum,

Okay ladies so I went to the store and decided to get some air fresheners and ran across an oldie I use to use way back in the day "Bowl Fresh Toilet Deodorizers"

I thought to myself "Is it worth it"
Although its $0.47 ladies, I didn't want to waste my money by literary flushing it down the toilet... I bought one and can't wait to tell you guys "If this product is worth it". look forward to my thoughts on it (coming soon)!

About this item

This product claims to:
  • Be pleasantly scented
  • Continually freshen the bathroom
  • Be an odor neutralizer
Now it doesn't have any written instructions but it pretty-much self explanatory nor does it say how long it lasts but, umm Abdel-Aleem's on it. I'll let you know all about this product and many many more.